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We provide new and established collectors with an independent, discreet and transparent service based on an unrivalled combination of precise market knowledge and incisive market research.We rely on our strong network of relationships with key art experts and a clear understanding of the art market to present collectors with meaningful and effective decision making, while guiding them towards areas of opportunity.

Fair Value Report

Our fair value reports provide a 360 degree view of a specific artwork, allowing you to make informed decisions on its current market relevance. By using our wide range of analytical tools we can determine fair value and the risks and opportunities associated with the work. These reports include data and information from both the primary and secondary art market, our unique art market confidence index, as well as qualitative data related to the artists career, aesthetic and historic significance of the work.

Artist Report

We can provide tailor-made reports on individual artists – assessing opportunities and risks involved. We use a combination of auction data, primary market data, artist confidence data, as well as information about the wider context in which the artist operates. Whether you are intending to start collecting works by a specific artist or are reevaluating a current collection of works from a single artist, our artist reports can help you to be confident in understanding the current market position of your investments.

Art business search and selection

The contemporary art market is a complex eco-system and it is crucial to understand the position and reputation of the businesses that operate within its borders. We offer independent recommendations and advice to both new and established collectors when selecting art businesses to assist with forming, maintaining or enhancing collections. We apply a strict set of independent criteria when selecting appropriate art businesses to ensure they meet our clients’ expectations and standards. Our advice extends to the selection of galleries, dealers, auction houses, art advisors, art lawyers, insurance, art conservators and restorers, storage, shipping, art funds and art lending.

Market and sector mapping

In the last ten years the contemporary art market has become a truly global marketplace. Growth markets in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East are a particular focus for many collectors. Our market and sector mapping services can determine potential markets for investment and the key ingredients to help make informed decisions when entering a new market - including a list of recommended partners to work with. By providing in-depth analysis regarding specific markets, we enable you to plan strategically and prioritise specific sectors that relate to your collection.





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