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Art Professionals

A key benefit of working with an independent company like ArtTactic is the objectivity and counsel we provide. We offer across-the-board advisory services specially designed for businesses ranging from galleries, dealers, auction houses, museums, art advisors, art lawyers, insurance, art conservators and restorers, storage, shipping to art funds and art lending. We work closely with our clients and emphasize developing strategic plans that uncover key information that not only serves in tackling current issues facing their business, but also aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of their company and its place in the current art world.

Industry Reports

Our bespoke, commissioned reports can provide clients comprehensive market intelligence, covering original consumer data and analysis on topics ranging from the overall art industry, specific growth and emerging markets, key sectors to art and finance services. This commissioned research can cover topics relevant to your needs, whether it is highlighting current trends, measuring changing motivations and perceptions, identifying challenges and opportunities, providing incisive analysis and the best approach to executing our recommendations. Our unique combination of qualitative opinion and quantitative research, international and local reach, in-house experience and on-ground network leads to insightful analysis which translates into reports that help you make informed decisions in your area of work.

Primary audience research

ArtTactic offers an expansive range of market research services to address clients' needs. Our full service menu means clients can choose their level and type of reporting – one or many markets, consumer or professional/trade, quantitative or qualitative, online polling or field, strategic advice from industry experts to statistical analysis and interpretation, omnibus or custom research, existing respondents from our network/panel to on-ground recruitment. Our on-ground network across countries is a powerful tool which we can put at our clients disposal to ensure speed, robustness and cost effectiveness. We have a well-documented and published track record illustrating the accuracy of our survey methods and in turn the quality of our client service work.

Feasibility studies

The art market is multinational, extensive, growing and in constant flux. In such a volatile market it is important to research the viability of a proposed idea. The best way to identify an idea’s viability is through a feasibility study. We use our in-depth sector knowledge and research expertise to give our clients enhanced understanding of the proposed idea by looking at identification and exploration of business scenarios and models, market assessment, competitive analysis, custom research, benchmarking, financial and economic feasibility. Through this study, clients gain a complete picture that allows them to choose the most appropriate business model for the proposed idea.





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