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Art & Finance Report 2011

Art & Finance Report 2011


Deloitte Luxembourg and ArtTactic conducted the research for this report between July and October 2011. We surveyed 19 large private banks predominantly in Luxembourg, employing more than 900 private wealth managers. Our aim was to establish the perception, motivation, ...

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Art & Finance Report 2013

Art & Finance Report 2013


Art & Finance Report 2013  Deloitte Luxembourg and ArtTactic is delighted to present the 2nd edition of the Art & Finance Report 2013. A joint effort, in which Deloitte and ArtTactic analyzed the industry’s development over the last 14 months. This year’s...

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 Rüdiger Weng - Weng Fine Art

Rüdiger Weng - Weng Fine Art


In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Rüdiger Weng, CEO of Weng Fine Art, about becoming a publicly traded company with shares of Weng Fine Art trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. First, Rüdy explains Weng Fine Art's unique business model as well as hi...

Terry Huang - Motif Art Group

Terry Huang - Motif Art Group


In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast we speak with Dr Terry Huang, managing partner of Motif Art Group, an art investment group that manages several art funds. After introducing Motif's art funds, Terry discusses how Chinese investors differ from US and European investor...



The growth of the art market and its infrastructure in the last 10 years is fuelling an increasing interest in art as an asset class. As this interest grows, the early stages of an Art Finance industry are emerging. Our company is well positioned to play a key role in this burgeoning industry’s evolution, providing the wealth management community with a better understanding of art, building a solid foundation for future expansion.

Industry reports

We can provide managers with a barometer for the emerging Art Finance industry, highlighting the main trends and measuring changing motivations and perceptions. Commissioned research can also look at challenges faced when dealing with the market for art and collectibles, and what can be done to overcome this. This will help managers better understand how the wealth management sector is currently responding to art as an alternative asset class, and whether this is likely to change in the future.

Due diligence

The number of art exchanges and investment funds is on the increase building a track record and confidence in art as an alternative asset class. Our Art Finance research services can provide wealth managers with specific knowledge to evaluate and underpin these products.

Art business search and selection

Taking the first step into the new Art Finance industry can be daunting, especially when looking for appropriate art businesses to provide the necessary services that working in the art world requires. If you are seeking art advisors, art funds, art insurance brokers, restorers or other art businesses, we can assist by providing independent advice and evaluation on their market reputation, business philosophy and the quality of their work. We apply a strict set of independent criteria when selecting appropriate art businesses to ensure they meet our clients’ expectations and standards.

In-house training for private wealth managers

Our bespoke education partner ArtInsight can offer in-house training for private wealth managers. To expand your knowledge specific areas or sectors visit Education

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